New Marv Comics!
Oct, 6 2011
  Two new Marv the Zombie comics. Comic strip #87 and #88! Marv starts to write and rewrite. Check it out! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV MONTH - Interview with Andy Zielinski
July, 16 2011
  This year's Marv Month is full of surprises and here is a big one! A exclusive interview with the creator of Marv the Zombie, Andy Zielinski!! Check it out! (Goodies)

MARV MONTH - New Comic #86
July, 8 2011
  Another Marv the Zombie comic for Marv Month! See what Marv is up to now! This strip is titled "Adjustment Bureau". Check it out! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV MONTH - New Comic #84 & #85
July, 3 2011
  New Marv the Zombie comics for Marv Month! See what Marv is up to now! Comics #84 and #85, check it out! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV MONTH 2011!!!
July, 1 2011
  Another year has passed and Marv is still eating brains!! This month we plan to do a lot of new things! Marv the Zombie is now on facebook! Check it out! (Marv the Zombie)

New Marv the Zombie Comic #83
Aug, 5 2010
  A new Marv the Zombie comic! This one is called "Chai Tea Latte" Marv is working and has to deal with customers... Check it out! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv the Zombie Fanart
July, 11 2010
  Check out the new Marv the Zombie fanart, also upload your own! We love fans getting involved in there favorite Zombie MARV! (Marv the Zombie Fanart)

Marv Month New Comic #82
July, 9 2010
  MARV MONTH STRIP 2!! Coming your way is the 2nd comic of the month's celebration. Looks like Marv has a tickle in his nose, lol. (Marv the Zombie)

Marv Month New Comic #81
July, 1 2010
  MARV MONTH!!!! A great way to kick off Marv the Zombie month is a new comic! #81 Much much more to come this month of Marv. (Marv the Zombie)

New Marv Comic! #80
June, 26 2010
  Eighty comics and climbing, see what happens to Marv when he talks to a girl. (Marv the Zombie)

Hilarious Youtube Vid - Gay Zombies!
March, 8 2010

  Simply put, this is hilarious, enjoy.

Marv Month New Comics #79
Feb, 6 2010
  Can you believe Marv the Zombie is almost at 80 comics! Who would of thought! Check out the newest Marv the Zombie comic!! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv Month New Comics #78
Jan, 4 2010
  It's a new year, that means a new year for Marv the Zombie! See what crazy things Marv gets himself into this year! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv Month New Comics #76 & #77
Nov, 10 2009
  Double treat this month! Two new Marv the Zombie comics! Marv on the job! See how Marv is when working. (Marv the Zombie)

Marv Month New Comics #75
Oct, 9 2009
  Marv is having a quiet afternoon with Fred. Reading is not one of Marv's favorite things to do, see why! (Marv the Zombie)

New Marv Comic! #74
Aug, 19 2009
  Brand new Marv the Zombie, see what trouble Marv lands himself into this time. (Marv the Zombie)

Marv Month New Comics #72& #73
July, 21 2009
  Still Marv the Zombie Month! Every July we give you a bunch of new Marv comics! Check them out, much much more to come! July is the crazy month of Marv!!! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv Month New Comics #70& #71
July, 14 2009
   More of Marv the Zombie Month!!! Two new comics! The end of the month we have a surprise! July is the crazy month of Marv!!! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv Month New Comics #68 & #69
July, 7 2009
   Two brand new comics for Marv the Zombie month! Check them out, much much more to come! July is the crazy month of Marv!!! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv the Zombie MONTH!!! New #66 & #67
July 1, 2009
   Another year goes by and Marv the Zombie is still kicking and eating brains!! This month we plan on releasing many many many new Marv the Zombie comics! So keep checking back! Today we release 2 new ones! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv the Zombie #65
June, 10 2009
   Marv the Zombie encounters a gorilla, check out what crazyness happens! Of coarse Marv would want a gorilla as a pet, he is one crazy zombie!!(Marv the Zombie)

Marv the Zombie #64
May, 13 2009
   The return of Marty the suicidal cow!! Everyone's favorite crazy cow! Check out the newest Marv the Zombie Comic! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv the Zombie #62-#63!!!
April, 22 2009
   Double Marv the Zombie comics today!! Check out what Marv gets himself into today! Much more Marvs to come! (Marv the Zombie)

Marv the Zombie #61!!!
Mar, 9 2009
   New Marv the Zombie!!! Check out the latest in zombie crazyness! This time around Marv is up to comic #61! Enjoy the newest Marv the Zombie! (Marv the Zombie)

New Game!! Zombie City 2!!!
Feb, 13 2009
   Our fifth zombie game, this time a sequel to our first platform game! Your lifetime supply of brains have been stolen!!! You must fight your way through 7 more levels in the sequel to Zombie City (2 bit). New bosses and new surprises! Collect 3 brains for each level. (Toons & Games)

Hacker's Zombie Signs in Texas
Jan, 29 2009
   On the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Lamar Boulevard in Austin Texas drivers get messages of a zombie apocalypse. Hackers played a prank on a public works construction sign, changing the text to warn of zombies. (Full Article)

New Game!! Zombie City!!!
Dec, 22 2008
   Our fourth zombie game, this time a platform game! A Zombie is on a quest to eat a ton of brains. He is traveling through 7 full levels. He must avoid spikes and jump over fire while searching for brains in this 8 bit adventure. Collect 3 brains for each level. (Toons & Games)

Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ Review
Dec, 08 2008
   Once upon a time... Your an anime little red riding hood with huge breasts fighting off hordes of zombies that come at you! Its a zombie shooter, where tons of different zombies emerge and come after you .. (more)

Left 4 Dead Review
Dec, 01 2008
   This game is fun, your not in a mall, your not a cop. You are stranded survivors completely different from each other trying to stay alive. This game is non-stop zombie killing fest. The zombies come at you so fast, sometimes .. (more)

Another New Game!! Head Sticking
Nov, 29 2008
   Our third zombie game, this time its Hockey themed. Shoot the zombie head into the hockey goal to score! Three different modes of gameplay. Including three periods timed, free play and training. Enjoy!
(Toons & Games)

New Game!! Zombie Carts!
Nov, 25 2008
   Check out our second game! Your a zombie pushing a cart, trying to pick up body parts and reach the finish first! Simple right? Can you beat all 3 levels? This is our second game for Enjoy!
(Toons & Games)

New Game!! Brain Eaters!!
Nov, 15 2008
   Our first ZOMBIE GAME IS COMPLETE!!!! BRAIN EATERS!!! In this crazy game you must eat brains, hands, hearts, and avoid being hit by acid and bombs. Very addicting game, so be ready to be a BRAIN EATER!!! (Toons & Games)

Marv the Zombie Quest for Cheese
Nov, 13 2008
   The Marv the Zombie Quest for Cheese saga is complete, its comics #56- #60. Watch while Marv becomes the first zombie to walk on the moon! (Marv the Zombie)

5 New Zombie Reviews
Nov, 05 2008
   Just added five new reviews, and working on some more. The new reviews are; Shaun of the Dead, Zombie Nation, Wicked Little Things, Dance of the Dead, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Zombie Reviews

Happy Halloween!!!
Oct, 31 2008
   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Just think if everyone dressed up as zombies for halloween, the streets would have zombies everywhere!! People on the corner eating brains, or crawling to your doorstep. We got an update for today we added 5 new wallpapers in the goodies section so check them out! (Goodies)

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Review
Oct, 30 2008
   Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is a completely different take on the Resident Evil Series. No longer do you control where your character goes, this game plays more like a shooter using the wii remote (more)

Resident Evil 4 Review
Sept, 14 2008
   You know those games that make you sit back and go “wow”? Those games that bring back those old feelings that you had when you were playing as a kid? The ones that bring a sort of newness and unpredictability that you thought had been long gone? (more)

Dead Rising Review
Aug, 11 2008
   Ever wanted to take a metal pole and stick it into a zombie and watch their blood just drain out of it? Ever wanted to take a chainsaw and tear through endless hordes of flesh, blood splattering everything in sight? (more)

MARV #56
July, 14 2008
   Enjoy Marv's mission for cheese!! Marv the Zombie is a big fan of Ritz crackers, Fred loves them too! Check out the newest comic! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #55
June, 8 2008
   And so we are on Marv the Zombie comic #55, we got alot of plans for Marv, and making the marv section bigger! So send some fanart, fanfic, anything really! To flashzombies (at) yahoo (dot) com (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #53, #54
May, 1 2008
   The Marv the Zombie comic will never stop! Thanks for the recent emails, glad to see Marv has fans! We are always looking for fan art for Marv, so email those to flashzombies (at) yahoo (dot) com. (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #51, #52
March, 10 2008
   More Marv comics for everyone!! Many more to come, be sure to check the Marv Forum, for comics before they are released online for members only! And here are the new comics. (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #50 We Have 50 Marvs!!!
Feb, 15 2008
   Can You believe we have 50 Marv the Zombies!! We have come along way! Would Like to thank the fans of Marv who keep the comic going! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #49 Happy New Year!
Jan, 1 2008
   Wow! 2008, Enjoy this Marv the Zombie New Years comic! 2008 is going to be full of Marv goodies so keep coming! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #48 Its Xmas Month!
Dec, 22 2007
   For those of you who dont get presents this month! We got a new Marv the Zombie for you! So enjoy the holidays. Soon is the new year and plan on seeing a new years Marv! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #47 A New Marv!
Nov, 22 2007
   Just one new Marv today! But its a good one! Keep checking back. Almost the new year! Plan on seeing more Marv the Zombie!! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #45& #46 Hello Marv!
Oct, 6 2007
   Its Halloween month! What is better then zombies in Halloween month! Ugggggrrrrrhhhhhh BRAINS!!!!!!! Enjoy new Marvs! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #43& #44 New Marvs!
Sept, 15 2007
   Sorry for the wait! But two new Marv comics for Marv Fans!!!! Keep coming back for more! Enjoy! (Marv the Zombie)

July, 30 2007
   Last week of Marv Month and we got two more new comics for everyone! Enjoy Marv the Zombie Number 41 and 42! Thanks for coming to Marv Month, even though its over, many more Marvs to come! Enjoy! (Marv the Zombie)

July, 25 2007
   Third week of Marv Month and we got two more new comics for everyone! Enjoy Marv the Zombie Number 39 and 40! Next week is the final week! Keep checking back! Enjoy! (Marv the Zombie)

July, 14 2007
   Second week of Marv Month and we got two more new comics for everyone! Enjoy Marv the Zombie Number 37 and 38! Next week is the third week! Keep checking back! Enjoy! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV #35 & #36 FIRST WEEK!
July, 07 2007
   First week of Marv Month and we got two new comics for everyone! Enjoy Marv the Zombie Number 35 and 36! Stay tuned next week for more!. Enjoy! (Marv the Zombie)

July, 01 2007
   The month of July is going to be a fun one! Its Marv the month at our forum so come join!! Also many new Marvs this month, today we got two new ones. #33 and #34. Enjoy! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV THE ZOMBIE COMIC!! #30, #31& #32
May, 08 2007
   The next three installments of Marv the Zombie!!! Comic #30 was a guest comic created by Lavalle Lee. Find out whats next for the lovable zombie. Check out Marv! (Marv the Zombie)

MARV THE ZOMBIE COMIC!! #27, #28 & #29
Mar, 15 2007
   Long over due Marv Comics! Almost at the 30 mark!! So make sure you keep checking back!! In this update you get to see a two part short comic!! Check out Marv! (Marv the Zombie)

Jan, 20 2007
   You've been waiting and we've been making! Finally some more Marv!! This time around you get #25 & #26!! Check out Marv! (Marv the Zombie)

Dec, 22 2006
   Marv and FlashZombies would like to wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays.We just updated with comic #23 and #24 which is A very Marv Christmas! Check out Marv! (Marv the Zombie)

Dec, 07 2006
   Latest Marv the Zombie comics, one a continuation from the last guest comic, and one of Marv's adventure to a fast food reasturant Check them out (Marv the Zombie)

Nov, 22 2006
   Check out the new guest Marv the Zombie comic buy Lavalle Lee, all about Marv's thingy. LOL. I had the idea for this one for a week! Waiting for Andy to finish #18 and #19, so enjoy the new Marv the Zombie! (Marv the Zombie)

NEW MARV COMICS!!!!! #17, #18 and #19 Finished!
Nov, 20 2006
   New zombie comics are just popping out like fly's here, be sure to check back this weekend for a guest comic #20. Please enjoy the latest Marv The Zombie comics, number 17, 18 and 19!!! (Marv the Zombie)

NEW MARV COMICS!!!!! #14, #15 and #16 Finished!
Nov, 15 2006
   All the way up to comic strip 16! Thanks everyone for supporting Andy's comic, many many more to come. Keep checking back to see what's next for Marv the Zombie!! (Marv the Zombie)

NEW MARV COMICS!!!!! #12 and #13 Finished!
Nov, 06 2006
   See what's next for that crazy zombie Marv! We updated this time with two strips, just know there are many more to come!! If you want to do a guest comic be sure to email us at! (Marv the Zombie)

VOTE FOR FLASHZOMBIES!!! you like us vote for us!
Oct, 22 2006
   We added ourselves to a top sites list for Zombies!! Please give us a vote!! And more updates will come sooner!!! We Promise! Keep checking back for more Marv the Zombie comic, and goodies in the upcoming months. VOTE 4 US! (Zombie Vote)

Marv the Zombie - Comic Strip #11!
Oct, 21 2006
   The newest strip for Marv the Zombie is out! Check out what's next for Marv's fun daily adventures! Many many many many many many more Marv the Zombie comics to come!! If you have any fanart for us about Marv, email it to us!! Check out (Marv the Zombie)

Added New Web Link- My Living Dead Girl Comic 
Oct, 20 2006
   The site is done by Jason McDonald, another zombie enthusiast. Check out the web comic as it is grossly amusing. There's even a web film in the works. Mosty in black and white, with great artwork and lots of zombie fun for the whole family. Check out (My Living Dead Girl)   

Marv the Zombie - New Flashzombies Online Comic! 
Oct, 17 2006
   We are back with a new online comic! Featuring Marv! Originally created by Andy Zielinski, we liked his comic and gave him a deal to have his own section here on!!! In return let us do a few guest comics. Check it out updated weekly, we are upto #10 (Marv the Zombie)   

Hello Zombie 2 - FINALLY FINISHED! 
Sept, 24 2006
   Well we are still here! Mainly updating our sister site, FLASHCARTOONS.ORG, but finally we complete another cartoon here. Hello Zombie 2! After a few years after the first release, the ending to this 2 part series! Enjoy (toons)   

Stubbs the Zombie - Videogame Review 
Dec, 13 2005
   FUN FUN FUN! This game is a must have for any zombie fan. You get to eat brains, and make massive zombie army's and have them turn others into zombies in a small version of GTA3. (Grand Theft Auto 3) Heads exploding, arms pulling off, mind control and speeches about BRAINS (more)   

New Zombie Sprite Cartoon- "The Dead"  
Nov ,30 2005
   Check out the long awaited, The Dead. This short features zombies, characters from resident evil and more. Tried a different type of animating style and this is what we came up with. Enjoy and please come back for more cartoons. Coming Soon (toons)   

Land of the Zombies - Movie Review  
June, 29 2005
   Such a random film, over 20 years since George A. Romero created anything zombie related. Then for the film maker to just come out with a new zombie movie made me very excited. With high hopes, I walked into this film opening day was glad to pay the after 6pm full ticket price. Not to mention (more)   

2 New Resident Evil 4 Wallpapers & Zombie Game!!  
June, 22 2005
   2 Resident Evil 4 wallpapers added to the goodies section for your desktop! Also the Zombie Infection Simulator Created by Kevan Davis, is available in the goodies section. Be sure to check that out. You must have Java installed on your computer to play the game.

King of the Zombies - Movie Review
June, 13 2005
   This movie not bad, but for its time possibly a hit. Few years after the first ever zombie movie (White Zombie). Hollywood must of needed more zombie films. The movie starts out in a plane, a pilot, secret agent and servant, lost and (more)   

Zombie (1979) Review  
January, 19 2005
   Good start to a movie. The movie starts out with a mysterious figure being shot in the head, then a boat sails into New York without anybody steering. The director made you guess,what would happen next, which keeps you interested to the point where you watched the entire.. (more)  

New Sections added!!  
January, 13 2005
   Goodies section now available with many wallpapers, AIM icons and an interviews. Three new reviews on, Resident Evil (ps1), Dawn of the Dead 1978, Dawn of the Dead 2004 and House 1985. Be sure to check them out. Thanks for checking out the new FLASHZOMBIES.COM!!

Updates and Site Construction   
January, 11 2005
   Please mind our mess, we are currently under construction. Lots of changes and added features to this site. will be updated weekly, so make sure you come back for the latest cartoons, reviews, goodies and links to the coolest Zombie stuff on the net! 

Resident Evil Review (Playstation/PS1)  
January, 10 2005
   First off I would like to say, that when this game came out. I did not have a Sony Playstation console, I played it at a store and being used to Super Nintendo graphics, loved it right away. I sold tons of games to FuncoLand (Gamestop Now) and bought it. If you ever sold.. (more)  

Review Section Added to Flashzombies 
December, 18 2004
   Review section now open, reviews on many different type of zombie films and games. From World of Waraft to Dawn of the Dead, you will find out how they measure up against the others. With a rating system from 1-10, 10 being the highest. (Click here) 

   Also you can view the movies we have so far. Zombie Sprites, and Hello Zombie. Sequels to both cartoons are in the making and will be completed in the new year. Be sure to keep checking back for the latest news and reviews about the undead.




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