Dead Alive (1992)

R "Restricted"
Year: 1992
Length: 97min

Timothy Balme
Diana Peñalver
Elizabeth Moody
Ian Watkin

Peter Jackson

Gore, Gore and more Gore! This movie classic made by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) is one the great zombie films. Could be classified as a comedy, and zombie comedy’s are the best. How the story starts, is a man steals a locked away rat that once your bitten you have "the bite" and then you must be killed other wise you will become undead.

Lionel, the hero of the film takes on the task of being a suburban zombie slayer. After his mother is bitten, he has to keep it a secret that he's keeping her from his love interest, and everyone else. But its hard to contain a zombie, so his mother turns more people into zombies. Then Lionel keeps them all because he doesn't have the heart to kill. Uncle Les the greedy relative finds Lionel’s collection of zombies tied up in the basement, and blackmails him to give him everything he received after his mother's passing.

Uncle Les throws a party, so tons of people come, and what else would happen? The zombies get out! They feed on all the people and then Lionel is faced with a horde of zombies to destroy. Good thing he had his lucky lawnmower handy! Blood and guts fly everywhere, everyone is soaked in blood. The first things I said in this review was Gore, Gore and more Gore, and I meant it. Don't want to say anymore, you have to see this movie, or even buy it. Great for laughs and medical student's learning about internal organs.

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Dead Alive (1992)
(Motion Picture)
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