Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Not Rated
Year: 1978
Length: 127min

David Emge (Stephen)
Ken Foree (Peter)
Scott H. Reiniger (Roger)
Gaylen Ross (Francine)

George Romero

“Good for a movie of its decade”
The action starts almost immediately in what appears to be a studio
where one man argues how they must dispose of dead bodies because of
incidents where they reanimate and attack and eat humans.

A tenement containing these zombies was being raided by the military
because the inhabitants refused to leave and dispose of their dead. Those that
protested and fought back were killed. This is where we meet up with
Roger and Peter, who are both part of SWAT. They decide to leave in a
helicopter with their friends Roger and Francine. They run out of fuel and ended
up taking refuge in zombie filled mall. They take many risks trying to
stock up on food and other essentials. After a while, they become greedy and
steal clothes, jewelry, money, etc seeing how these zombies could be easily
put down with just a blow to the head.

Not exactly what I would consider the scariest movie (the zombies take
a pie to the face for cripes sake!) and the visual effects weren’t even
halfway convincing (the blood splatters looked like my kid brother’s finger
paint) but it’s a great and entertaining movie nonetheless. This movie is what
I considered a gateway to all the modern horror we watch today. I liked
how there was no explanation as to how the zombies got there and whether
there was a solution or not.

I recommend this movie for people who enjoy classic horror and have a
sense of humor.

Reviewed: Monday, December 20, 2004





Dawn of the Dead (78)
(Motion Picture)
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