House of the Dead 2 (Dreamcast, PC)

Developed by:
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Score: 7/10
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Graphics: 7
Sound: 6
Replay Value: 7
Controls: 8 (w/ light gun)

House of the Dead 2 is the sequel to the original Sega hit, House of The Dead. While I have only played the original in the arcade, I bought the Dreamcast version of 2( for only 5 bucks,probably even cheaper now!)

The game itself plays just like it's original arcade version it was ported from,which for those who were lucky enough to play, know that it was quite fun. Overall the game stacks up well with 4 modes of gameplay(arcade,original,boss, and training) and makes good use out of the light gun accessory(which Sega didn't provide to the US dreamcast user, you had to buy a 3rd party gun).

My only real problem with the game is trying to play without the gun, trying to shoot with the controller pretty much ruins the game, it's hard enough with a gun, not having one makes the game nearly impossible. For anyone who still has a dreamcast laying around, hit up your local used game shop and try to pick this one up, cause it's a forgotten classic.

Reviewed. Wednesday, December 08, 2004





House of the Dead 2
(Dreamcast, PC)
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