House (1985)

R "Restricted"
Year: 1985
Length: 92min

William Katt
George Wendt
Richard Moll
Kay Lenz

Steve Miner

Roger Cobb, a writer and veteran of the Vietnam War, was suffering from the loss of his only child and his divorce with Sandy. With all that going on, he was concentrating on writing his next book on his daunting experiences in the Vietnam War, when his late aunt passed away and left him a strange big house. Cobb moves into his aunt’s house in order to have solitude while writing his novel, but doesn’t much done because of his nosy neighbor, visits from his deceased friend and creatures from another dimension.

As a horror/comedy film, ‘House’ is funnier than it is scary. Despite the scary music, blood, and suspense, Cobb doesn’t seem disturbed at all. That is what gives this movie the strange kind of funny feeling. When the fish starts moving Roger Cobb yells “Stop moving!” and the fish does nothing else but move, you think maybe it would try to bite his head off or something else would start moving.

Although this movie had more funny scenes than scary, there were the scenes that really made me jump, like at the beginning when they showed the old lady hanging, in her bedroom; or ‘Big Ben’ coming back from the dead, his costume was really good and scary. What made the film most scary though was the instrumental music!

Roger Cobb obviously had problems, with the loss of his child, divorce and Vietnam, so it was not clear whether all these creatures and his old war buddy coming back from the dead came from his head or the house. Like his neighbor said, what he was describing sounded like something he had written before in one of his novels. Since he was currently writing on his experiences in the war, and the paranormal world he was in, strongly resembled where he was in the war, it seemed as if everything that was going on was not because of the house but, his own mind and experiences.

Reviewed: December 30, 2004




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the "House"


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