Mutant (1983)

Not Rated
Year: 1983
Length: 100min

Bo Hopkins
Jennifer Warren
Wings Hauser
Lee Montgomery

John Cardos

Two brothers Josh and Mike, go on a vacation. They decide to take thier new convertable. When passing through the country, they come across a bunch of hillbillies who just love to mess with people from the city. They bump them on the back of their new convertable and have a bit of road rage against each other. Then they crash into the river and the hillbillies laugh and drive away.

So the two brothers start the movie in the middle of nowhere with a car stuck in a river. They start walking to get a tow truck but no town is in sight. They hitch a ride with an old man that they thought was senial. He gave them advice they should of listened to, which was "Go Back". They just ignored him and went to the town. By the time they got thier it was night, so nothing was opened besides the bar. Then they hear a noise across from the bar and check it out. They find a dead man with boils on his face.

They go into the bar and ask for a phone to report the dead man across the street. Guess Who happends to be in this bar, those hillbilies. A fight breaks outand Mike, the younger one, is sent to the hopsital. After the doctor patches Mike up they get sent to an old womans house that always has a room or two for rent. When they both go to sleep Mike is taken, stolen under the bead. That is all im going to give away... Sorry but to know the rest you have to see it.

The movie quality and acting was below bad. I have seen many 80's horror films to know that this was not one of the best of its day. Such as "Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Child's Play".

I honeslty can say this movie was terrible, even though it was made in 1983. The main cast character "Josh" looked like Richard Simmons. I just couldnt see past that. So the movie ended being more funny then scary. Is this a zombie movie? No. It is nuclear waste turning people into mutants.

Dont buy this movie, if you see it at the rental store pick it up if you have no other choices.

Reviewed. Saturday, December 11, 2004





Mutant (1983)
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