Resident Evil 4 (Multi-platform)

Developed by:
ESRB Rating: MA
Score: 9/10
Difficulty: Normal

Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Replay Value: 9
Controls: 8.5

You know those games that make you sit back and go “wow”? Those games that bring back those old feelings that you had when you were playing as a kid? The ones that bring a sort of newness and unpredictability that you thought had been long gone? Well Resident Evil 4 is one of those games.

In RE4 you take the role of Leon Kennedy (of Resident Evil 2 fame) who’s now an Agent for the U.S. government. His mission is to travel to Europe to find out what happened to the President’s daughter. Where’s Umbrella? The government shut them down… blamed them for the Raccoon City accident that happened 6 years prior. A lot of things have changed; this is the new Resident Evil.

The storyline is the least of what’s changed in this game however… gone are the static, placed cameras, RE4 now sports a behind-the-shoulder cam that’s not quite 3rd person, yet not quite 1st person either. It’s a bit of a hybrid and it works well. A brand new graphics engine accompanies the new viewpoint that makes RE4 one of the best looking console games to date. The environments are alive and detailed and the amount of things going on in the game is mind-blowing. Be prepared to not face one enemy at a time, but sometimes 20 or 30! RE4 features more carnage than every other RE combined. Also unlike the previous installments you are provided with plenty of ammo for your 20+ hour-long mission. There are even shops randomly placed near save points (typewriters are back, minus the ink ribbons) where you can buy new weapons, upgrade old weapons and sell gems and other things. Doesn’t sound like the Resident Evil games you used to play…

Make no mistake this is Resident Evil, just a much need evolution of the survival horror genre. This game gives you plenty of ammo, action packed sequences and unlimited saves yet still manages to give you the creeps and the feeling of being overwhelmed. For example, in an early segment in the game you are held up in this house with a companion you met along the way. What are you hiding from? Insane villagers (sorry kids, no zombies!) out for your blood! You have to block the windows, knock down ladders and keep them from coming inside the house in a Night of the Living Dead way… Very intense. That’s the best word to sum up this game: Intense.

Are there downsides to this game? I’m sure you can nitpick a few things like no quick switch for weapons, limited item storage, no storage box and the inability to strafe but those things are so minor that you don’t even care about them while playing. The positive far outweigh the negative (if you can even call it that).

Resident Evil is back and it’s here to stay. After a few missteps like Resident Evil: Apocalypse and the online debacle Resident Evil: Outbreak, RE4 has put the series back on the map and judging by RE4s ending, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Reviewed. Monday, January 19, 2005





Resident Evil 4
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