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Luigi's Mansion
Mario has all the glory when it comes to Nintendo. His brother Luigi had one other attempt at his own game but that was terrible (Mario is Missing on Super Nintendo). Nintendo pulled this game out of their pocket and what they came up with is a ghostbuster type game. Luigi's has to save... (more)

Night of the Living Dead
Johnny and Barb start out the movie visiting a graveyard to pay respect to a loved one. When suddenly an insane man comes out and attacks the girl. Then Johnny tries to fight him off and the insane man kills him. The girl runs and runs as fast as she can, until she finds a farmhoue. Locks the door... (more)
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 Video Game Reviews
1.) Dance of the Dead (2008)   1.) Condemned (xbox 360 )
2.) Dawn of the Dead (1978)   2.) Dead Rising (xbox 360 )
3.) Dawn of the Dead (2004)   3.) House of the Dead 2 (dc)
4.) Dead Alive (1992)   4.) Left 4 Dead (xbox 360)
5.) Diary of the Dead (2008)   5.) LRRH Zombie BBQ (ds)
6.) House (1985)  

6.) Luigi's Mansion (gc)

7.) King of the Zombies   7.) Resident Evil (ps1)
8.) Land of the Dead   8.) Resident Evil 4 
9.) Mutant (1983)   9.) Resident Evil UC (wii)
10.) Night of the Living Dead   10.) Stubbs the Zombie (xbox)
11.) Shaun of the Dead   11.) Zombies Ate My Neighbors 
12.) Zombie (1979)   12.) Zombie Nation (nes)
13.) Wicked Little Things    

 Newest Movie Reviews
1.) Diary of the Dead (2007)
2.) Dance of the Dead (2008)
2.) Wicked Little Things
4.) Shaun of the Dead
5.) Land of the Dead
6.) Zombie (1979)
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Zombies Ate My Neighbors Review & Codes

 Newest Game Reviews
1.) Left 4 Dead (xbox 360)
2.) Resident Evil Umbrella C (wii)
3.) Dead Rising (xbox 360)
4.) Condemned (xbox 360)
5.) Resident Evil 4
6.) Stubbs the Zombie (xbox)
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