Shaun of the Dead

Year: 2005
Length: 99min

Simon Pegg
Kate Ashfield
Nick Frost
Lucy Davis

Edgar Wright

Great Zombies! The story is great, characters perfect, overall a must own. Shaun a 29 year old electronics store advisor, lives his everyday in routine. Until the day his girlfriend breaks up with him, gets wasted, unaware zombies are everywhere. He goes to the store in the morning, not realizing everyone around him are zombies! He gets to the store and then home, in one piece, passing zombies thinking they are regular people.

When he gets home Ed (Shaun's best friend) finds a girl in the back yard, who is a ZOMBIE. They beat her down, and THEN realize what’s going on, quickly they turn on the TV. Every channel telling them to stay in there homes, avoid contact and how to kill them. You must 'remove the head or destroy the brain'.

Through the whole movie you will be laughing. But this movie teaches us what to do incase of a zombie apocalypse. First, go get your mother and kill your step father. Second you go to your girlfriend's house, get her. Third you go to the pub, drink beer and eat peanuts. Fourth you sit and wait until it blows over.

A great scene was when they all pretend to be zombies to walk through the crowd to get to the pub. If you have not seen this movie, you should. In a lot of new zombie films the zombies run, but in 'Shaun of the Dead' they are slower than snails.

Any man who lived a day, where his mother died, best friend died, two friends died, and a zombie infestation, deserves to keep his zombiefied best friend as a pet in his garden. Beyond the laughs and frights the movie also had a good bit of social commentary on a number of subjects.

As funny as Shaun of the Dead is, one of the most gruesome scenes has to be toward the end when David gets pulled out of the window and the zombies rip his stomach open and feast on his guts while he's still alive, while the gang just watches. If your looking for a comedy, this is it. If your looking for a zombie movie, this is also it.

Reviewed: Sunday, Nov 02, 2008




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