Zombie (1979)

Not Rated
Year: 1979
Length: 91min

Tisa Farrow
Ian McCulloch
Richard Johnson
Olga Karlatos

Lucio Fulci

Good start to a movie. The movie starts out with a mysterious figure being shot in the head, then a boat sails into New York without anybody steering. The director made you guess,what would happen next, which keeps you interested to the point where you watched the entire movie.

Other critics said it's a classic, I agree to a certain point. Some scenes could've been better, but you're talking 1979 film making. Acting was below average, but was it gorey? Yes, lots and lots of blood and death.

Unlike your everyday modern zombie film, this one had zombies coming right out of the ground that were over 400 years old. The characters could've been smarter. If someone was bitten, kill them not bring them back to infect others!

One very funny scene was when the main characters were in the graveyard and a zombie took about 30 seconds to come out of the ground. When one of the actresses just sat there and watched, gasped, then it killed her. Very funny death.

My favorite part of the whole movie was the shark attacking the girl underwater and then a zombie came after her underwater. The zombie and the shark had a small fight then the zombie ate the shark. So that must mean all sharks will become zombies too, which would of been interesting if shown.

If you're a huge zombie fan, buy it. If not, then just rent it. When the movie title is "Zombie" makes you curious to what it's like.

Reviewed. Monday, January 18, 2005




Zombie (1979)
(Motion Picture)
Zombie Shark
Dont play with sharp objects
30 second death scene


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