Zombies Nation (NES)

Developed by:
ESRB Rating: Before Ratings
Score: 4/10
Difficulty: Normal

Graphics: 3
Sound: 2
Replay Value: 3
Controls: 7

This game takes place in the futuristic year of 1999, when a strange meteor has crashed into the earth containing a flying giant zombie head that is transforming the masses into mindless drooling brain dead savages, okay well that part strikes a reality chord. The giant zombie head also gives life to the statue of liberty which is then turned into the ultimate champion of the Undead Zombie forces.... Guess they probably should have cleaned off all that slime from Ghost Busters 2, can't depend on new yorkers to stay positive forever.

So anyway's you play as the giant zombie alien head who pukes some destructive gunk on people and shoots what looks like bullets out of his nostrils. You will have to weave in between the unrelenting arsenal the armies are unleashing to you. it consists of mainly helicopters,tanks on the ground and snipers on rooftops. The intro describes some kind of magnetic weapon that I think America invents to pwn you with which it can and often will.

What you have to watch out for the most is their death from above blue electric beams, dodging them along with the chaos of bullets and helicopters is often no easy feat. It's a hard game but luckily you get your straight shot and zombie puke of death to smite those forces of good!

One thing I really hate and many games are guilty of this, is either an annoying noise or music change when you are near death.This one goes hardcore with a full music change that will drive you head first no pun intended, into kamikaze magnetic death beam action just to end it.

Game play: I give it three giant alien zombie heads out of 5, the controls are pretty smooth, and with proper level planning you can figure out a strategy to get past the chaos in front of you.

The Graphics, Well it's an 8 bit Nintendo game so don't expect much but even for that era graphically it's pretty ugly but at least you can tell what everything is on screen,which was a goal a lot of lower obscure third party developers seldom could reach.

Overall playing as a bad guy who is a giant flying zombie head is actually a pretty cool idea, but other than that it's a typical side scrolling shooter. I also found myself strangely compelled to keep playing it. Which is more than I can say for silver surfer. I give it 4 giant zombie heads out of 10.

Reviewed. Saturday, November 03, 2008





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